segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2011

How to win lots of money at sports betting

 Hi there my name is andy and i'm here today to tell you how to win at sports bettings. 
So how's your season going? Are you making big bucks? No? Well your situation is about to change because today i'm going to tell you some tips so you can win big money.

First you have to know your mathematics. The line-makers do, and they make profits every season. You aren’t going to come out ahead laying -110 for 100 on a coin flip, and most sporting events are just that. In places where they don't represent likelihoods in terms of odds (eg 5 to 1, meaning you can win $5 for every dollar you put in), they will just do it in terms of money multipliers. It essentially means the same thing ok? 

you've gotta know your sport. This is much less important than step number 1, but it helps. The thing to concentrate on is the "X-factor" of a sport; that is, what degree of random craziness is likely to affect the outcome of any given game.

 handicap the situation, not the game. This is what separates winners from losers. The public is out there betting on the best-looking teams and who should beat who based on past wins and losses – and they are losers. Look for undervalued teams based on the situation. For example, a good team playing their homecoming game against a hated rival who is a favorite over them on the road. In this spot you want the home team underdog because you know they are coming to play.

Bet within your bankroll. This is what kills most players. Always bet the same percentage of your set playing bankroll on every game (somewhere between 2% and 6%) no matter how much you think you like the bet.

Remember that injuries and weather conditions have already been factored into the line and the odds. Don’t pay attention to that stuff; stick with handicapping the situation. Yet, if you are betting on a minor sport in your country (eg. You are in USA betting on Australian Rules Football), the impact of a major trade may be very important to both team, but since Americans may not know the full situations, the lines can be stuffed up.

If the lines are just pushed out, the odds of $1.87 do exist. Take advantage of them if you know the potential of how the balance will tip (I.e. You know what will become more likely to occur) later in the day. Take that line.

The public loves favorites and they are losers. Therefore, bet mostly underdogs.

There are contrasting theories about betting on multiple events. If you are going by the expected winnings approach (i.e. you want to win $100), you can either put the bare minimum ($5 in New Zealand TAB), then stack the 8-lines with 8 different head-to-heads so the odds would be $20.00. You lose less money, but since you have to worry about 8 events, if one event is not as you guessed (or if you have an event being cancelled), you lose the $5.

On the other end, you can push more money in if you have enough money to push (like $20), then you can just stack less lines that add up to an odds of $5 to get $100. You will lose more money if one event doesn't come your way, but if you are betting events happening throughout the weekend (eg. NFL with NBA), this is a safer call.

You can also use multiple single slips and adding money. You can never win more money than if all was pushed in a multi-slip, but it safeguards you if one line is screwed, you can still win money on the ones you hit.

In New Zealand, due to time zone differences, it is possible to do a rolling bet if you are somewhat cash-strapped. The way it works is that if there is an NBA playoff game that closes at 12:35pm (NZT), and you know that the result will come at around 4pm,do a points-total bet, then if you win that, take some of the winnings home, then continue with the later games like a Rugby League match that happens at night. This kind of betting would work even better for weekend bets.

So basically that's it. Good luck!